Thursday, 4 August 2016

Antwerp Sunday

Sunday July 3rd 2016

Exploring Antwerp

Due to the last minute time booking for the Fellowship I hadn't done any of my usual research of places to eat, what to see? etc etc and had in my minds eye that there would be lots of time in between events to do such things. This wasn't the case so it was down to the usual intuition and a sense of not wanting to be where the tourists were!!!

So after MOMU there was a need to find lunch and we found a cathedral, a city museum, the river and a church and grotto along the way.

love the gold leaf
Antwerp Cathedral

and lunch

Saturday, 30 July 2016


Reconnecting with one's past fashion passions

MOMU Game Changers

In my late teens, I fell in love with the designs of Spanish designer, Sybilla. The fluid shapes, use of colour and drama. When I began to study millinery, I found her work again, as she also created some hats. So to see her work in Game Changers was welcoming, made me smile, dream and want to create once again. Her pieces in the exhibition showed her skill of fabric use, cut and how to clothe the body in other ways, yet not too different from the norm.Like her Spanish counterpart Balenciaga, she re-frames the silhouette. 

My favourite piece, i spent ages studying the cut

On my searches after the exhibition it was good to see that she has returned to fashion designing. Article in W Magazine.

Game Changers

Game Changers - MOMU Antwerp

Antwerp Day 2 July 3rd 2016

I am often in the head space that nothing can go wrong when you are in a museum.... 
Some may say that I just have my head in the clouds. 
But when you are in a really good exhibition, time does seem to stop. One reacts emotively to what is laid out before you. It doesn't always happen and sometimes it may happen with just one object. (The same thing happens when walking in nature or being visually aware in a day to day way too). At Game Changers, MOMU, this was the case for me. 

None more so than when in front of the pale, salmon silk, Balenciaga dress in the Technical Mastery case.