Saturday, 30 July 2016

Finding MOMU

Finding MOMU

Antwerp Day 1 - July 2nd 2016

The old town of Antwerp is a wonderful mix of twisted streets, cobbles and quirky exteriors. Arriving in sunshine then being rained upon is always an interesting introduction to a place. The beginning of finding MOMU was crossing the market place mid market, always a joy of smells, colours, textures and people. A fabulous market. Lunch from the Turkish stand. The most amazing wrap ever of goats cheese, vegetables, olives, dates and honey, washed down with mint tea, all for 5 euros. The mix of families, people of all ages and backgrounds queuing for food and sharing the experience, a perfect Saturday.

people watching

           On through the high end shops, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, mixed in with local designers. The Antwerp residents a different mix of clothes again to Tilburg. More dresses. Less make up than the UK, a more natural look in quality clothes. There seems an awareness of good quality clothes and footwear. The city was full of shoppers, tourists, day trippers, residents and had a great sense of energy and wanting to see more and explore more. The Cathedral visible from most quarters.
Antwerp Cathedral

Nearly there

great vintage inspired store
80's remembered

           MOMU sits on a triangular shaped block of buildings, near to the Dries Van Noten store. An open entrance way with a wonderful moving wall of images from former exhibitions and current promotion. Right next to it is a seriously fabulous book shop akin to the V&A’s book store. Walking in, the atrium is broad, spacious and light filled, designed in teak coloured wood, imposing, yet contemporary, enticing you in with its sense of spectacle. The two reception ladies were really welcoming and informative and became the key to my visit. Finding out that it was Uniqlo Sunday the next day which meant free entry to the museum rather than the usual entry fee and a free T-Shirt.... Then getting the direct emails of the two people I needed to speak to. So a gateway opened and a plan created for Sunday, meant more time to explore the streets of Antwerp.

MOMU entrance

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