Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Journey Begins

Yorkshire to Nederlands via Scotland and Belgium

Edinburgh Airport

So needed these at Brussels train station

So you leave at 9am across the wilds of Scotland, levels of nerves and anticipation, as the flights was only booked on Sunday.... will this five weeks of travel and as WCMT states fun work out. Not that I am a worrier or anything....

Edinburgh Airport is a joy, wonderful staff, straightforward security and off we go.

Arrived safely in Brussels airport having gone through the itinerary with a fine tooth comb and aware that it would be a fast run to get to the train at the airport in time. This is where you just have to smile. Went through security asked where the train station was as could see no signs. Sorry madam we have no train station that is at the other Brussels Airport.....
Slight panic, deep breathing, bus ticket purchased and train timetables checked. May get to Tilburg tonight!! Hence the chips at Brussels train station, a small celebration for not totally panicking.

Seriously brilliant trains and all on time. I love watching the country side shift and change on the train definitely my favourite way to travel especially when in a coach like olden days train travel...

Paul Smith esque interiors in silent coach Brussels to Roosendahl
Silent Coach - lovely graphics
Are we there yet?
Arrived on Tilburg after 10pm so not so harrowing. Lots of lovely kind people to direct and smile with. Looking forward to the museum adventure tomorrow. 

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