Saturday, 30 July 2016

MOMU Sunday

MOMU Sunday

Antwerp Day 2 - July 3rd 2016

           Remembering past free Sunday exhibitions the aim was to get to MOMU exactly on opening time, I had visions of queuing round the block like in Rome. No need to worry just the 6 of us at 10am. Same welcoming ladies as yesterday, simple system of lockers for leaving bags as in Tilburg and of up to the exhibition GameChangers

           Once again a good welcome by the entrance staff ticket checked and into an introduction of the premise of the exhibition and films of shows and dance from BalenciagaComme des Garcons, and more. To the right the first garments to set the scene of what lies ahead. The perfect juxtaposition of a Balenciaga silk gown and a Rei Kawakebu body dress. Instant lift to the heart, you know that you are in safe hands for the rest of the exhibition.
Rei Kawakebu 

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