Wednesday, 27 July 2016

On to Antwerp

On to Antwerp

Having already passed through Antwerp from Brussels to Tilburg  and the brutalist architecture of the station I was intrigued to see more. The earlier train proved to be the slow train passing through every village and town. As I found out later the Antwerp sales which always begin each year on July 1st are a big pull for the inhabitants of the Netherlands. It was a busy station. Intriguing with the vote that we just had in the UK that this ease of movement will be lost. This neighborliness and collaborative spirit.
Antwerp station is phenomenal coming out of the depths of three floors down up into the grandeur of gold and carved stonework, stations of old, promising adventure and excitement. The hotel was only 5 minutes walk away. Stations may occasionally need better sign posts or I need to map read better. The jaunt through the slightly scrubby streets to the west of the station didn’t promise greatness, hotel found, wonderful staff and a room of peace and quiet, the next part of the adventure could begin.

I was in Antwerp to explore MOMU the fashion museum. The challenge was that none of my correspondence had been replied to. So a Saturday afternoon jaunt into the centre to get my bearings and work out where MOMU was and whether there was another way to connect. Quite nerve wracking and angst creating thinking how would I build the research without a contact. Thoughts that I could just commute back to Tilburg if it really didn’t happen but not ideal.

I have never visited Belgium prior to this trip and was intrigued to explore and gain a sense of place and people. Antwerp felt safe, engaging, open and accessible. There is a sense of wealth with an exceptional range of shops and places to eat yet a society that works as a society. The first afternoon boded well for the week ahead whatever happen.

MOMU entrance
Antwerp skyline

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