Tuesday, 5 July 2016


What am I looking to find out?

My aim for this project is to look for innovative ideas to support and develop artisan practice and sustainable collaboration. Whilst I have worked within millinery and textiles education and curation I have been fortunate to see a range of innovative practices. I have been informed that some of my own work has fitted into this as I have facilitated new makers through projects and mentoring. What I have also seen is that these happen through the strength of the lead person or the financial support at any one time in a project. Sustainability can be more problematic.  The lead person can be worn down through the drive to make things happen. The project ends when the money ceases.

Feltmakers competition hat 2012 Emily Ellwood
So these were my first thoughts when I applied for the fellowship. How could I carry on and develop new ways of working as the millinery programme I ran drew to a close? How could I find ways to fund my curatorial work, which had been on a voluntary basis, to support the institutions and museums in times of austerity where culture is often less of a priority.

I will explore more of this as we go through the blog and the trip........

Case from Trends of Trimmings exhibition Hat Works 2010, Stockport

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