Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My first meeting

Textiel Museum, Tilburg.

My first meeting was with Jantiene van Elk, who runs the library and graciously talked me through the collections and history of the museum and lab. The similarities to the textile regions of Yorkshire are great with many things that we could learn. An interesting point to note already is that what is often pivotal is having a visionary lead person who realises the importance of the provenance and history of the region. The museum was set up in 1958 as a way to capture the Woollen history of the town and region as the Chair of the Chamber of Commerce in the city saw its value. Initially it was housed in a former textile magnates villa, moving to its current location in 1986, which was the former mill of C Mommers & co one of the first mills to produce Buckskin in Tilburg.

Library/Bibliotech 2nd Floor Textiel Museum
Initial Research
Leeds Mill workers top - Tilburg mill workers below 
A great mission statement to take back to UK
Education drawers in the library
Textile samples

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