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MOMU Sunday (continued)

MOMU Sunday (continued)

I was slightly Technically Challenged!

one of the films from the opening section

           Following this breathtaking opening was the chance to see a collection of Balenciaga dresses that one rarely has the opportunity to. The first case was a collection of iconic black dresses. Two of these were revolving to enable the detail front and back to be seen which worked so well. There were definitely two dresses here that I would love to try to recreate. Especially the piece with layered shoulders which had a similar silhouette to my most favourite dress. 


           Something that I learned after my visit here and the conversation with  the Collections Manager was the importance of perfect mannequin-age the idea that you just see the clothes, this is the holy grail of fashion exhibitions. At MOMU one has found this.

           The opening of the exhibition begins with the phrase ‘Tiger’s Leap’ taken from the writing of Walter Benjamin, fashion’s reflecting on the past to leap into the future. Balenciaga did this in the 1940’s creating a whole new silhouette for women. Far removed from the New Look from Dior, offering new readings of past shapes and continuing to experiment and push boundaries.  

The kimono always an iconic garment, recreated in many forms by many designers. Can it be challenged? Within the exhibition we see new ways of thinking and how the designers brought together for this exhibition have challenged the form.

I learned from the space between body and fabric from the traditional kimono not the style but the space Issy Miyake

The language brings to mind the context behind clothes and how we studying fashion continue to work with a different narrative.

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