Thursday, 21 July 2016

Gallery 4 - Design Challenges

Gallery 4

The transition from accomplished highly professional textile pieces developed through commissions  into a sampling and trial space was informed and innovative curation.  Gallery 4’s exhibition  examined the processes of the project ‘solar curtains’, a design commission from Qatar. The Gallery was laid out as small studio areas and displayed the range of yarns experimented with to develop the best fit for the project. The samples created from each yarn base and the critiques from these. Highlighting the many samples designers have to create to meet the client’s needs. Most of the pieces one could touch, to see and feel, how textiles has opportunities and isn’t always as we would expect. The exhibition was drawn to a close with a film showing the curtain design in situ. I found this to be a really informative space, a great pedagogical tool for design students whilst also informing a wider audience of how new textiles are designed and the boundaries that are being broken. 

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