Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Damask Shed

The Damask Shed

A trip through the gift shop

I nearly missed this gallery space and I wonder if others would too, which would be a shame as the space is beautiful and the light falling onto the looms enhances this. The Gallery tells the story of damask weaving. As with the other spaces beautifully crafted and aesthetically well designed the visitor is drawn through the museum. I had definite bench envy where the film showing the process was. Great film too. Then a more traditional museum casing explored the livery of the Ocean liners, their cutlery, crockery and the damask. A golden age.

Finally the loom shed showing the difference in the fine linen weaving and a shelf unit stacked upon stacked with pattern weaving cards. Things of beauty. Narrative tellers, opportunities, new inspiration.

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